Wristband Registration

4 Easy Steps

1. Locate the unique Wristband UID on the back of your wristband.

2. Click "Register a Wristband" below and enter that number in the "Wristband UID" field.

3. Provide your contact information.

4. Complete your registration by entering your credit card information.

Wristband details

Personal Information

Card Details

Simply register for Mile 0 Festival Cashless and make payments at food and beverage vendors, merch and other locations around the park without having to carry around your credit or debit cards.

Entering your credit card information is required, but your credit card will not be charged unless you make a cashless purchase on-site.

Thank you

Your wristband has been successfully registered for Mile 0 Cashless. See you at the event!

Thank you

Your Wristband has been successfully activated. See you at the event!

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